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1. Darwin P.

My mom's request for her birthday was an African dinner! Since we were close to San Jose, I found this spot as the highest rated African spot. And I can't lie: it's gotta be top 3 in this area. I would like to call out the beautiful chairs in the indoors: all of them colorful Our food selection was the Goat Cutlet. This African dish consisted of chunks of goat, basmati rice and mixed veggies. This is a 10/10 dish: the meat was so tender and seasoned well. Honestly, rice was up to par with the goat There is complimentary tea at the end of the restaurant: tea was good, with a hint of sugar and ginger. My mom was satisfied and grateful with this restaurant. The lady on register was lovely and helped us out quickly; good service

2. Verenice B.

Tis place seems niche. Really close to light rail, but otherwise hidden in a housing community. They close early, so definitely family friendly and casual. Amazing green sauce! I saved what precious sauce I didn't use. I knew it would be good so I asked for extra. Spicy and delicious! My sister and I tried 3 meats: beef wrap, chicken plate, and lamb plate. Let me say I'm not a chicken person. AAAAAND, let me tell you this chicken wrap/plate is fuego! The beef is really good too as well as the lamb. Love that the lamb has the bone-in. I didn't expect each dish to have the exact same veggies and perhaps even seasonings? That being said, try the meat you like most cause they don't really differ. Chicken is scrumptious. Had the samosa-type thing. Has ground beef, the spices in this thing is amazing. Reminded me of Jamaican beef Pattie's. We didn't take pictures, unfortunately. Hungry and excited to try it all. The picture shown is me eating the extra spicy sauce with random leftovers

3. inah e.

Jubba Restaurant serves Somalian cuisine with a straightforward, no-frills approach. While the order-at-the-counter system may seem casual, the enticing aroma of the food immediately elevates the experience. Despite a slight delay due to a busy evening, the wait was forgiven as the rich scents intensified our anticipation. The simplicity of the dishes belies their impressive flavor profiles, earning a solid 10/10 rating. An unexpected twist awaited us in the form of the injera, distinct from its Ethiopian counterpart. Instead of the anticipated similarity, it resembled a delightful cross between a pancake and a crepe, a pleasant surprise for our taste buds. Ventilation could be improved, as our clothes absorbed the savory essence of the kitchen. Nevertheless, the freshness of the ingredients shone through, making the olfactory aftermath a minor trade-off. Jubba Restaurant delivers an authentic and delectable Somalian culinary experience that transcends expectations, making it a worthwhile stop for those seeking flavorful simplicity.

4. Patty C.

It was lunch time and I was in an unfamiliar area and did a yelp search and this place popped up with the highest rating and reviews, so I had to try it. It was my first time eating Somali food. I asked for a recommendation and the young man at the register suggested the chicken wrap. It was soooooo delicious. The spices were so flavorful but not spicy. It came with a green sauce that had some heat, and it was a nice balance. The chicken was SO tender and the veggies were perfectly cooked. The wrap itself had a nice flavor and texture as well. I'll definitely be back!

5. Amity H.

Came in and was quickly greeted with a warm smile! This was my first time trying Somali food and food was so delicious! Me and my partner were not too hungry so we decided to share some plates including the beef wrap and 3 sambusa. Both items were HUGE in portion! Beef wrap was bigger than the size of my forearm! And sambusa were bigger than my palm. Good thing we decided to share because we were both stuffed after! Jubba Beef Wrap: 5/5 This was stuffed with beef, onion, and pepper. Beef was SO TENDER! Great value for the size. Enough for 2 ppl to share. Sambusa: 5/5 I believe the owner welcomed us in and even showed us the size of the Sambusa since I wasn't sure how many to order! A bit spicy for me but it was so flavorful and tasty. Green sauce was also spicy so keep that in mind if you cant eat spicy. Great service and welcoming, hospitality was amazing! I recommend trying this place out!

6. Kate X.

Came here after nearby in south San Jose. This place is conveniently located right next to a VTA station, so good for commuters who want to grab a bite before/after work or school. The restaurant was clean and plenty of seating, and the staff was friendly and nice. I got the chicken wrap for $11, and it was massive and stuffed with well seasoned chicken, toasted vegetables, and some coleslaw. The wrap came with a spicy green sauce which gave a good kick of flavor. My friend got the goat plate for ~$19 and the goat was quite tender, and it was good eating it alongside the slightly sour injera sponge bread. We also got the sweet bread thinking it would be like a dessert, but instead it was very subtly sweet but still good because of its warmth and fluffiness. The restaurant offered complementary sweet spiced tea, which was nice to drink alongside the more savory main dishes.

7. Nicole W.

This was my first time having Somali food and now I can't wait to have more! I came here off of a recommendation from one of my Somali friends; she said the food was very tasty and authentic. I absolutely loved everything that I tried. We started with sambusas which were a stuffed with a richly spiced meat mixture. We opted for the sports plate so we could try more. We did half rice and half spaghetti with chicken and beef suqaar on top - wow!! I the meats were so moist and juicy, I absolutely loved the spaghetti. Also tried the tea they had available on the side - yummy! I will absolutely come back again soon and highly recommend!

8. Andrew N.

I never Somali food before and I saw how good it looked on TikTok so I went to go check it out. It's literally right in front of a VTA stop, so if you're too lazy, the VTA is a great option for transportation to this restaurant. Beware that you can only buy bottled water here, but there is complimentary hot tea here. It was super sweet and tasted like cinnamon. Samosa (5/5): We got three pieces and they were pretty big, like at least twice the size of the Trader Joe's ones. It was filled with pieces of herbs and meat. Super flavor and perfect balance between crunch and filling. It was super spicy though as I was dying. The green sauce complimented it pretty well. Beef Jubba Wrap (5/5): I was not sure if this was authentic Somali food, but it was amazing. This wrap was huge as it was stuffed with tender steak, veggies, and this creamy sauce that tasted similar to a burritos. I would recommend to either share this or save it for the next day. This was only $11! I really enjoyed my time here and I definitely recommended this place.

9. Kathleen W.

My SO was raving about this place and I had not tried Somali food before. We called as soon as they opened to order take out and got the chicken wrap and a beef sambusa. The chicken wrap was delicious, flavorful and packed of food. The beef sambusa was a bit spicy and also good ~~ I think I've found a new craving and I need to grab these whenever I'm in the area.

10. Elena K.

If you're really hungry, like hangry and expecting your food to be at the table within 20-30 minutes, DON'T COME HERE. However, if you're willing to wait 30-45 minutes, DO IT, it was very good food. I say come with patience if you're going to try it out. It was a busy day and table was limited when we went. Cashier did not take our names down which they should be doing because I don't think anybody's name was taken that day. So orders were being sent to the wrong tables and people getting their orders after and I saw a lot of not happy Customers that day. My only recommendation to the business Owner is to TAKE DOWN CUSTOMERS NAME, I THINK IT WOULD HELP A LOT, or give us a number receipt. On to the food, IT WAS SO YUMMY. I usually can't finish my food because my stomach is so little, but I forced myself to eat everything so that I don't waste such a delicious meal. Go have a bite, you won't be disappointed!